Dry Manicure / Dry Pedicure 

Less risk of a bacterial infection. 

Water risks more chance of a fungal infection being transmitted. Especially, if the tools hasn’t been properly cleaned between appointments.

Also, we using  Berchtold Podo-Q Dust Extraction Drill to clean and remove cuticles and dead skin, this is commonly used by podiatrists and foot health practitioners for conducting routine foot and nail care. 

Hand Spa & Foot Spa Treatment

Keeping your hands and feet in great condition

Our cuticles, knees and elbows are often the first parts of the body to succumb to dryness. This includes excess flaky skin, redness and even some cracking (in worse cases).

During a spa treatment, the nail technician will exfoliate dead skin and use lotion/body oil to massage into your skin. This excess moisture will keep your skins baby soft and rid of dry skin. Well-moisturised skins can help combat signs of ageing such as wrinkles. 

Soft Gel Finished

The soft gel adds minimal strength to short to mid-length natural nails ,last about 2 to 3 weeks.

Dry Manicure / Dry Pedicure 


水 有更大的真菌感染傳播的風險。 特別是,如果在預約之間沒有妥善清潔工具。

此外,我們使用Berchtold Podo-Q來清潔和去除角質層和死皮,這通常被足科醫生和足部健康從業者用於進行足部和指甲護理。

Hand Spa & Foot Spa Treatment




在水療治療期間,美甲師將去除死皮,並使用乳液/身體油按摩面板。 這種多餘的水分將使您的面板保持柔軟,並去除乾燥的面板。 溼潤的面板可以幫助對抗皺紋等衰老跡象,讓你的手和腳保持良好狀態。

Soft Gel Finished

SOFT GEL為短到中長的天然指甲增加了最小的強度,持續約2到3周。