Hygienic and professional 

Our Nail Technicians are licensed professionals who specialise in the care and beautification of the hands and feet. Healthy nails are always a priority.We’re very precise and meticulous.

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我們的美甲師是有執照的專業人士,專門從事手腳的護理和美化。 健康的指甲永遠是重中之重。 配搭醫療級清潔消毒程序,精確且一絲不苟。



  • Signature Pedicure  $550
    Including trim and file nails, take care of cuticles, treat calluses by Berchtold Podo-Q , foot bath and exfoliating and polish. 
  • Dry Pedicure $490
    Including trim and file nails, removing cuticles and dead skin by Berchtold Podo-Q , regular polish.
  • Dry Pedicure With Soft Gel $660
    Including dry pedicure with soft gel polished.
  • Mini Pedicure <12 years old  $150
    Include nails shaping, regular polish.


  • Dry Manicure With Soft Gel $490
    Including trim and file nails, removing cuticles by Berchtold Podo-Q , with soft gel polished.
    Mini Manicure <12 years old $150
    Include nails shaping, regular polish.
  • Gel Removal $80
    Removing soft gel nails only

Pro Services

  • Fungus Nail Removal $220/nail
    Temporarily removing part of the nail so that antifungal medication can be applied directly to the infection under the nail. This is a painless procedure.
  • B/S Brace $150/nail
    The B/S Brace system is a Non-Surgical corrective procedure that will eliminate pain and help correct the curvature of the nail. Simples, Quick and Painless.
  • Rebuilt Nail/Extension $50/nail
    A gel extension is made to extend the natural nail bed to a longer nail but still giving out a realistic look
  • ​Relieve Ingrown Nail Pain / Remove Foot Corn$80/toe

Relaxing Spa Services

  • Spa Care $200
    Hand /foot bath, scrub, mask with warm gloves/socks. Keeping your hands and feet in great condition.
  • Foot Soak And Exfoliation$60
    A nice and warm foot bath with removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin, to make your feet feel lighter.